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Class Placement Process

As we begin the final trimester of school, some parents have begun to inquire about the process for student placement for the 2017-2018 school year.  This is one of the most challenging tasks for our team of staff to collectively execute.  The creation of well-organized classes is a critical piece of our overall school planning. We spend weeks in the process as we strive to create heterogeneously balanced classes that are respectful of the following:
  • Class size ratios
  • Gender ratios
  • Balance of ability levels
  • Academic strengths/challenges
  • Learning styles
  • Behavioral needs
  • Work habits
  • Interpersonal relationships and interactions
  • Social, emotional and intellectual development
  • Special programming
Throughout the class placement process, the teachers and I strive to provide fair and equitable treatment for all children as a means to support their continued learning. Our goal is to come up with a placement for each child which will offer that child the greatest chance of success. Please trust that we will group students to provide the best possible learning environment and be assured that nearly all children are able to adjust rapidly to the different teachers and new classmates they have over the years. Learning to get along with and work with a diversity of people means being resilient, an important life skill we've worked hard to foster this school year.
Due to the reasons listed above, please note that we cannot honor special requests for teachers. Our goal is to establish supportive, productive classes where all students can be successful. If a request is made to your child's current teacher it should not reflect a specific teacher, but rather it should focus on the style of teaching that best meets your child's social, emotional, or academic needs.
Once class lists and teacher assignments are finalized, a communication will go out to families by late August and will include school opening information along with your child's teacher and room assignment. If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to contact me. Thank you in advance for your cooperation this year and for your continued support of our school goals.